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Therapy Services from Family Evaluation Associates, Inc. New Braunfels and Seguin, Texas
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Therapy: What to expect?

No one enjoys feeling like they have been put in a box. And no one likes having to start over from the beginning to start moving forward in treatment. I don't believe it is necessary to return to one's earliest trauma to begin. We will start wherever you are and move forward. Sometimes that means looking back, but not always. My goal as a therapist is to identify what is keeping you "stuck," or "confused," or exhausted. My areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, ADHD, and crisis interventions. I find using different modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-informed care, reflection, and crisis interventions helps address immediate needs. Therapy services are offered via video conferencing, or in-person on a limited basis.


While understanding that every individual's journey is unique, my approach is geared towards promoting evident growth and progress at your own pace. My focus is on helping clients develop the necessary tools, insights, and coping strategies to overcome personal challenges efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, my aim is to empower clients to become self-reliant using their own "toolkit" and no longer dependent on long-term therapy after growth through their sessions.

Start Your Therapy Journey

Deciding to start therapy is tough. Chances are good, things are bad right now. I'm excited for you, because today it starts getting a little better.

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