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Therapeutic Parent Coaching


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What is Therapeutic Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is designed to be a one on one approach to parenting difficulties , reunification work, setting realistic expectations and improving the parent/child relationship. This about effective parenting and meaningful solutions for the child and the parent. Family Evaluation Associates does not conduct Supervision as our philosophy includes leaving the family stronger and better than it was prior to our services being implemented.

Therapeutic parent coaching is designed to provide parents with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve their individual parenting goals. Parent coaching looks forward, deals with the here and now, and seeks to educate.  The program focuses on assisting parents in better understanding their children’s behaviors while creating a positive, healthy environment and minimizing problematic behaviors. Family Evaluation Associates’ therapeutic parent coaching program is tailored to fit the specific needs of each family. Our overall goal in therapeutic parent coaching is to increase the parental bond, maintain safety and security, and to improve continuity of care between the households.

Effective parent coaching is dynamic and interactive. It requires the following:

  1. Parent(s) must acknowledge there will be occasions when the parenting coach will take an active role to model behavior or disrupt a negative interaction during their coaching session.
  2. Parent(s) engaged in therapeutic parent coaching can anticipate having assignments to apply to their interactions with their children outside the designated coaching session.
  3. Parent(s) will be mindful of arriving promptly as scheduled at the designated location and time.
  4. Parent(s) agree to adhere to the parent coach’s guidance at during scheduled session. Non- compliance with guidelines or challenging the authority of parent coach may lead to termination of services at the discretion of Family Evaluation Associates.
  5. While only one party may be involved directly and actively meeting with the therapeutic parent coach, information regarding progress, effective techniques, problematic behaviors of the child and solutions that evolve over time will be shared with both parents. In this manner, the goal of continuity of care can be reached; parents may build a more egalitarian relationship in regard to managing and parenting their children together, or separately but consistently.
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