Family Evaluation Associates Inc.

Guardians Provide the Voice

FEA Identifies the need

Often called Guardian ad litem is a role that can be served by an attorney or social worker. When Family Evaluation Associates is appointed, we serve in the best interest of the child. As we would in a Child Custody Evaluation, we investigate the situation and circumstance of the child, their family and all of its parts, to represent the best interest of the child. This is a different role than an attorney ad litem which can only be filled by an attorney and represents the wishes of the child.

Guardians also serve for adults who do not have someone that can make decisions up on their behalf. These persons may be elderly or mentally disabled or otherwise unable to make decisions for themselves.

This option is recognized in many Texas Counties in lieu of, or in conjunction with, a Child Custody Evaluation. In some cases this option better fits the economic means of the family. Family Evaluation Associates Inc. believes in the voice of the child and have the discernment to identify the differences between best interest of the child and the wishes of the child.

the Family Evaluation Vision

Family Evaluation Associates Inc. believes families of all configurations deserve respect and support to function at each family’s very best. This can be accomplished through conventional and unconventional strategies. Success is measured through better communication, higher function of the children in the family and reduced litigation.

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