Family Evaluation Associates, Inc.

Family Supervision

Family Evaluation Associates conducts Supervision through our Therapeutic Parent Coaching Program. We believe family dynamics are fluid and have a greater possibility of growth when the setting is casual and more open. Therefore, when needed interventions should occur quickly and with a minimum of disruption for the family. Our parent coaches create relationships with all members of the family in order to improve family function at all levels.

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the Family Evaluation Mission

Family Evaluation Associates, Inc. (FEA) serves the children of divorce and families in turmoil. Family Evaluation Associates does this through provision of services to all parts of the family system simply BECAUSE FAMILY MATTERS!”

the Family Evaluation Vision

Family Evaluation Associates Inc. believes families of all configurations deserve respect and support to function at each family’s very best. This can be accomplished through conventional and unconventional strategies. Success is measured through better communication, higher function of the children in the family and reduced litigation.

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