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Family Evaluation Associates
Our Mission

Family Evaluation Associates Inc. (FEA) serves the children of divorce and families in turmoil. Family Evaluation Associates does this through provision of services to all parts of the family system simply

"Because Family Matters"

Our Vision

Family Evaluation Associates Inc. believes families of all configurations deserve respect and support to function at each family’s very best. This can be accomplished through conventional and unconventional strategies. Success is measured through better communication, higher function of the children in the family and reduced litigation.

The Family Evaluation facility is designed for families to feel at home..
Because Family Matters!
Forrest Gump said "You can tell a lot from people’s shoes where they been where they goin’. These shoes remind us of all the different families we serve where they've been and where they are going. Our job is to help our families in their journeys to become the very best versions of themselves.
We are an "Electronics Free" facility.
Your time together is to interact, converse, and create memories together .
Sometimes, we even include a family pet "Sunday" sometimes makes an appearance.
During coaching periods, our families have access to full kitchen, living area and dining area..
The Family Evaluation facility is yours during coaching times.
The Family Evaluation Associates Coaching Facility
Our job is to help our families in their journeys to become the very best versions of themselves.


Thanks for looking out for our son's best interests for us. I really appreciated your professionalism.

the Family Evaluation Team

Family Evaluation Associates Inc. exists “Because Family Matters.” In all of its possible forms, the integrity, function, and wellness of the child(ren) and family is the goal of all of the services provided through Family Evaluation Associates.

Celina R. Andersen-King, LMSW
Executive Director

Celina R. Andersen-King is our Executive Director. She has more than 20 years in the field of Early Childhood Development, Adoption, Child Welfare, Family Assessment, Child Custody Evaluation, Parent Coaching, Supervision, and Parenting Coordination and Facilitation. Ms. Andersen is a Licensed Masters Social Worker as well as a Certified Forensic Masters Social Worker. Credentials aren’t everything. Ms. Andersen brings a deep-seated sincerity and concern for the families she serves. She has a heart for service and believes in making sure each and every family has grown in some way. When not working with families, she enjoys travel, cooking, books, sports and spending time with her horses and family.

Celina Andersen-King Résumé

Amanda Brothers

Amanda Brothers is our Program Coordinator. Ms. Brothers has her Masters in Criminal Justice. She has worked extensively in the areas of Child Welfare and Victim Advocacy and Education. She is a true bright spot in the team with her sunny disposition and love of families, she works tirelessly to bring a family to its higher purpose and best function. When not working with families, she enjoys time on the water, wonderful food, a good book and spending time with family and friends.